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Encompass Health is committed to nursing growth and excellence in patient care. We stand apart with our exceptional work-life balance and great rewards. There’s never been a better time to join Encompass Health.

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We encourage you to problem solve and advocate for your patients. By giving you trust and responsibilities not normally offered in other hospitals, you can reach new levels of fulfillment in your career. From helping a stroke patient recover their cognitive function, to seeing a patient walk when they have given up hope, you’ll be able to drastically impact patient lives. Witnessing our patients leave our doors healthier than when they came in is why we do what we do.

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We’re the nation’s largest provider of inpatient rehabilitation. Join us in our hospitals and help patients in their post-acute recovery. To help you grow and achieve success, we provide you with the tools and resources to continue your education, learn new skills, and grow into leadership roles. This is your chance to transform your patient’s healthcare experience.

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For early-career nurses

We have a wide range of training and certification programs to help you advance in your career. We’ll help you get your CRRN certification, provide you with tuition reimbursement and more! We’ve tailored our early career programs and initiatives to help you grow and succeed. If you’re looking to build skills and accelerate learning, then we’re an ideal place to start your journey.

For experienced nurses

We offer experienced nurses a change from traditional hospital settings. You’ll build meaningful relationships with your patients as our average patient stay is 14 days. Throughout the recovery process, you’ll celebrate the victories and keep your patients inspired. Our patient populations and nurse-first culture support a positive work-life balance. You love being a nurse, now you can practice the way you’ve always wanted.

For nurse leaders

Waiting for opportunities in traditional health settings can grind a career to a halt. If you’re in a leadership role or feel ready for the next big challenge, Encompass Health is like an accelerator for your career. You’ve mastered the skills and built a lifetime of insights that less experienced nurses need. This is your opportunity to be an empowering force for nurses in your charge. Lead with us the right way.

The Encompass Health Way

Our values in action

The Encompass Health Way lives within all Encompass
Health employees and is present in our day-to-day actions.

  • Set the standard icon

    Set the standard

    Encompass Health employees are committed to going above and beyond, never settling for anything less than excellence. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and challenge ourselves to continuously improve.

  • Lead with empathy icon

    Lead with empathy

    At Encompass Health, employees start with empathy, taking the time to understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of each other and those we support. They listen, make deep connections and engage on a personal level to better serve others.

  • Do what's right icon

    Do what's right

    Encompass Health employees do the right thing the right way, no matter how difficult. If they make a mistake, they acknowledge it, proactively find a resolution and make it right going forward.

  • Focus on the positive icon

    Focus on the positive

    Encompass Health employees have a positive spirit and find the light even in the most difficult situations. They bring their whole self to work. They celebrate successes and inspire others to create meaningful impact.

  • Stronger together icon

    Stronger together

    Encompass Health believes individual strengths make employees stronger together. Clinicians take accountability for their actions, connect accross all teams and lean in to get it done, at all levels of the Company.

From aspirations
to actions

For more than a decade, Encompass Health has made a concerted effort to keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the heart of our culture. From our national council to our hospital and homecare committees, we have remained committed to developing our workforce, advocating for our patients, and embracing our differences.

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Diversity is more
than a word to us.

There’s a reason Encompass is in our name; it’s because we believe in diversity, equity, and inclusivity in all forms. Our culture embodies acceptance and collaboration and we pursue that mission through numerous programs and initiatives. We have invested in recruiting applicants from all backgrounds, created training to assist those who want to grow into management roles, and developed an educational curriculum around DE&I so that we can continue to learn from and uplift each other. We have built, and continue to build, relationships with diverse business partners. By having a diverse team and an open mindset, we reflect our communities and ensure our patients feel comfortable and supported when they are in our care. We know the only way to go far is to go together.

Take a look at our annual report.

Veterans are
wanted here.

Whether you are transitioning from active duty or simply desire a new career path, we want you to bring your skills and background to our team.

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